Scarface – shocking images!!!

Picture 1840

If he could talk, he’d tell us how much he wants to live. If he could talk, he’ll probably tell us what happened to him. Till now he fought alone, in the street where like his pain would not have been enough he had to endure also the stones thrown in him, stones thrown by “humans” horrified by the way he looks.

He didn’t receive any helping hand for months, for months he struggled alone, chased away by all, dragging himself through ditches and garbage to hide from human evilness and indifference. For months he hoped, it was all he had beside much pain….hope.

We took him urgently, we want to help him, we’ll do everything possible to help him, but for this, we need your help! He needs medical investigations, he needs surgeries, he needs treatment, he needs a lot of care and special food and he needs a foster because he cannot stay in the shelter. All these costs, and it will not cost a little.
Without financial help from you dear friends, we’ll not be able to succeed. We are overwhelmed by the current expenses with the animals already in our care.

Help us help Scarface! He’s a gentle dog of approximately 5 years who deserves a chance to life.
Scarface thanks you!
Turbo Pet Mobil
IBAN: RO61 BTRL 0480 1202 L021 92XX – Transilvania Bank – Chitila branch

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