Rudy azi

Rudy’s story, as of many other’s dogs in GIA’s care, begun on the highway.

He was lying in the middle, hit by a car, with one year cut off and shot. We don’t know why someone considered that a defenseless being deserves such a barbarian punishment. Since on our road we were passing by Craiova, he was admitted for a week at Family Vet clinic where he was operated for the fracture provoked by the car hit and his bones were fixed with a plaque. Brought in Bucharest afterwards, after his bones were healed he had surgery at Almavet clinic for removing the plaque and the two bullets he was shot with.

His funny face and his bear fur impressed many persons and he even was temporary adopted by a wonderful lady in Sibiu. Unfortunately we had to take him back because Rudy does not trust people and has aggressive tendencies especially with men. We tried to solve these issues with the help of a trainer but it seems that Rudy remained for ever affected by the trauma he suffered and his confidence in humans strange for him cannot be restored and for this reason we will not risk another adoption attempt and Rudy will remain in GIA’s care.

Rudy is about 10 years old, we’ll offer him all our love and you can help us by adopting Rudy by distance. He will be happy to have everything he needs and you will be kept updated with all the crazy things done by a one ear dog.

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  1. Rudy says:

    Hi there lady’s i see the reply of Rudy And John,, i will addopt thiss dog… ;)

    I wil Come Over next month to romania:)

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