How can you help ?

In order to develop more our projects, we need any help you can offer.

How can you help?

  • You become a foster parent in case you can keep an animal for a time period, until it will be given into adoption
  • You sponsor a saved animal, even if you cannot take it home. You choose one of the cases presented on the site and you will be kept updated with its evolution, with all the necessary expenses
  • You donate food, materials or any amount of money. You promote donations among your friends and acquaintances
  • You participate together with us at actions (animals rescue actions, volunteering in shelters, neutering campaigns, events, zoo therapy in specialized centers etc)
  • You promote adoptions among your friends and acquaintances and you try to place as many animals into loving families.
  • You get involved from within the domain you are expert in: photography, PR, graphic, foreign languages, medical knowledge etc.

Willing persons are kindly asked to send an e-mail expressing the collaboration intention at the following address: and will be contacted further in order to establish a meeting.

We thank you!

GIA – Group Initiative for Animals