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Rudy azi


Rudy’s story, as of many other’s dogs in GIA’s care, begun on the highway. He was lying in the middle, hit by a car, with one year cut off and shot. We don’t know why someone considered that a defenseless being deserves such a barbarian punishment. Since on our road we were passing by Craiova, […]

Geea 2011 (2)


Geea was found in 2011 spring, in Bucharest, in an area with many empty factories. She was for several years cared for inside an institution, together with other about 20 dogs. After the institution bankrupt, the construction and fenced were demolished and the dogs remained in the street. We use to take food to the […]

negruta azi


Negruta was in 2010 the sole survivor from a series of dogs poisoned in an area from Bucharest. Once she recovered, Negruta could no longer return in the street and unfortunately she could not find an adopter because of her fearful character and of the fact that she’s a great escaper, trying to jump any […]

John azi


In 2011 spring, we responded to a FB announcement regarding a dog lying in a block’s yard and who could not move after being hit by a car 2 days earlier. From the x-rays it came up that he was suffering from pelvis fracture and his spine was affected also. He had surgery, it was […]

Labus (3)


Labus was found in a park from Bucharest, on a cold winter. Being a puppy he got sick of parvovirus and he was the only survivor, all his brothers died. Shortly after he healed from parvovirus we realized he’s epileptic and we confronted his first seizures. For Labus any stressing situation and changing the environment […]