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Scarface – shocking images!!!

If he could talk, he’d tell us how much he wants to live. If he could talk, he’ll probably tell us what happened to him. Till now he fought alone, in the street where like his pain would not have been enough he had to endure also the stones thrown in him, stones thrown by […]

M&M (6)

Minnie & Mikey didn’t deserve to die under the bridge!

S C (6)

With love and respect for Szobi Cseh

How many of you knew about the great love for dogs of the master Szobi Ceh? How many of us, the ones having animals in care, if we would be on the hospital bed, would not be torn apart about what is going to happen with our animals? So it happened to Szobi Cseh, he […]

Bonnie update (6)

Bonnie – update (ADOPTED in UK)

Update June 2013: Bonnie has a new home in UK After 12 days at Praxis Vetlife, Bonnie was discharged and stayed for a while in a yard with other 2 dogs in our care. The total amount to be paid at Praxis Vetlife is 545 lei (120 euro). We kindly ask you to help us […]

Pecky update (1)

Pecky – update Pecky recovered well, she was dewormed and vaccinated and she will be spayed and ready for adoption soon. If you wish to help us covering Pecky’s expenses, you can do it in our accounts mentioning “for Pecky”. Thank you! PS: If you wish to offer a home for Pecky, please write to us at […]