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Announcement for Romanian NGO’s with shelters!

GIA – Group Initiative for Animals is notifying the animal’s welfare organizations from Romania, legally constituted, holding dogs and/or cats’ shelters, about the possibility to register, also in 2014, in a data base which has the declared purpose to facilitate future potential partnerships for programs/campaigns of donations consisting in animal food, destined to the dogs […]


GIA at Sofisticat

During 6-7 April weekend we are waiting for you at Sala Palatului with cats for adoption!

Rhea & Aky (1)

Santa, Rhea & Aky visiting Buburuza center

Santa accompanied by Rhea and Aky stopped today at Buburuza center where 13 boys received them with great joy. Toys, juices, sweets and the 2 dogs made the day to be one of the happiest Although any child prefers toys and sweets before anything else, the first that attracted their attention were the two dogs […]

Sterilizari Tg. Jiu (3)

Tg. Jiu s/n

30 spay/neuter in a company yard in Targu Jiu (December 9, 2012) Thank you Nancy Janes, thank you RAR for sponsoring the s/n, thank you Dr. Andreea Dumitrascu and Dr. Roxana Stan (Family Vet & Almavet) who worked from morning till late in the night. As it happened to be the first day with snow […]

Si lor le este frig

They are cold also! Don’t pass by careless!

  Stray animals are also suffering from cold! A cartoon box, a plastic bag, a blanket or some straws + 10 minutes of you time, may save their lives!