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Story with cats, in black and white

Sasha and her 5 kittens reached into our care. They were born in a block garden and were raised with a lot of love by the gentle mother who was checking carefully all of them. For some time they were harassed by a part of the people living there who threaten that if are not […]

Bibi (2)


Bibi is a tomcat of 2 years old, vaccinated and neutered, very loving and playful. He had a home once but, as when Bibi is alone and bored likes to give a helping hand in arranging the cloth in the wardrobe …he was abandoned :(. Bibi is now desperately looking for a home! If you […]

Gogosica (3)


Gogosica is a small kitten, probably recently abandoned, clean and very friendly! She came to us in the street meowing and having no idea about the dangers surrounding…dogs, cars, etc. Now it is up to us and you for her to have a home. She’s offered dewormed, vaccinated and spayed. If you wish to adopt […]

Garfield (5)


Garfield is now in our care. The name suits him very well. He’s a big tomcat and very loving. He has big, round and curious eyes. For now a little reserved, he’s studying every corner of the house and he’s sharing the same room with Mitzi and Penny. If you wish for a fatty and […]

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Costas – ADOPTED

Date of birth: April 2012 Dewormed, vaccinated Behavior: Costas is a cat extremely playful and friendly Mr. Costas sau Costachiorul is actually and beautiful and intelligent cat I’ve found dirty, hungry, limping and with a hernia, on the fence of Marital House from Ramnicu Valcea. I was participating to a beautiful wedding, we were about […]