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Angel (3)

Help to save an Angel

Update June 2013: Angel lost the battle for life. RIP little angel Angel is a little boy hard tried by life. He cannot tell us what happened to him, he probably doesn’t even want to remember. He was found with his spine fractured, sad and resigned that for him everything ended there, on that side […]



On September 13, half an hour before leaving for NMR with Dr. Stefan Olaru, Petrica died suddenly. He was just fine, he eat and drank water normally, the vet says it was a cardiac arrest. His old heart could not resist anymore. RIP Petrica! We are so sorry we could not do more for […]



Hanna left from among us. All she ever wanted was a home and unfortunately her wish could not be fulfilled. A special dog, who, since she was taken from the street, hoped that someone will want her, had an exemplary behavior and waited for the person who will take her home. That person never came […]



We called him Solo. It was suited for him because so we’ve known him, alone in suffering, at 300 km from Bucharest, near a bankrupt factory, where the number of dogs became bigger than the number of workers who remained there after massive firings. Tens of hungry dogs are now wondering in the almost abandoned […]



Rosu was not always a stray dog. He had an owner, he felt what it means to belong to a place, to be loved and cared for by a human. It was more than 7 years ago, since Rosu remained alone in the world, since his owner died and he became a nobody’s dog. A […]