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Picture 1840

Scarface – shocking images!!!

If he could talk, he’d tell us how much he wants to live. If he could talk, he’ll probably tell us what happened to him. Till now he fought alone, in the street where like his pain would not have been enough he had to endure also the stones thrown in him, stones thrown by […]

Amy (5)

Rescuers need rescue too!

A Saint-Bernard, an imposing animal, dignified, strong, capable to save human lives in the worst conditions. As all animals, although, a Saint-Bernard also can be mocked by “humans”. This dog was found this morning, lying thrown away like a stinking garbage, thrown to die into the street, alone, eaten literally by worms!!! Who did this, […]

Pufy (11)

Pufy needs a chance to walk again!

Pufy was found dragging himself on a street in Mogosoaia. He was sad and resigned, a sick dog thrown away like garbage, to die alone. We could not remain indifferent to his suffering so he’s now in Dog Rescue shelter. Pufy needs help to get well! He’s a young dog, about 4 years old and […]

M&M (6)

Minnie & Mikey didn’t deserve to die under the bridge!

wet wet puppy (8)

Wet wet wet!!!

This is how we found Dodo , in the rain, under the cars, shivering, hungry and scared. We were passing through Slatina, without needing another puppy as we already have more dogs than we can handle. But Dodolica came out in our way, walking under the wheels of the cars on a busy street in […]